Honey’d Squash

Okay, I really shouldn’t be writing right now. I have been laid up with a migraine for 2 days so the house looks like it has been ransacked by child burglers. In my defense though the laundry is going, I have done 2 days worth of dishes already and dinner is in the crockpot. I am just so excited though I had to share this. We have lots of yellow squash from our garden. Ron planted it. I wouldn’t have. It is not a favorite of mine and I really don’t use it much. However, I am determined to use it all up. When we were camping and saw that elk it reminded me that I have a couple packages of ground elk in the freezer. I told Sage about it and she wanted to try it. Go figure. She sees the beautiful animal and wants to eat it. Neither of them will eat anything that has ground beef in it but today they both ate elk burgers. I seasoned them simply with salt, pepper and garlic powder and then fried them in some olive oil. They were really pretty good. The best part though was the squash that I served with it.

Honey’d Squash

2-3 cups yellow squash cut up into bite sized peices
2-3 T olive oil (actually I used the same pan as the burgers – hey I never claimed to be low fat mommy!)
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 T honey

Saute up until browned and tender. Then add 1 T honey and saute for another minute. Serve hot.

This is so good it will be my new favorite way to have squash. Sage even ate some which is a shocker. Rori? Well, I will need a miracle to get her to eat any veggie. Seriously, you have got to try this. I wish I had taken a picture to post but it was so good I ate most of it while it was still so hot it was scalding my mouth.


2 thoughts on “Honey’d Squash

  1. Wow, this sounds really good! I’m going to try it soon. So many people here have so much summer squash in their gardens, they say you need to close your car windows and lock your doors or else you’re going to end up with a car full of zucchini.


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