Vegetarianism Too??

Yesterday I finally read about the number one cause of green house gasses. I had heard about this before and didn’t want to believe it or even really think about it. Now it is really bugging me. I love beef. Really, I love all meat. I was raised on meat and potatoes. While I really like lentils and beans, a meal without meat leaves me feeling unsatisfied. I can easily scarf down a pound of beef steak, mmmm prime rib! I hate the idea that I am knowingly contributing to global warming. Yes, we are already doing a lot to reduce our carbon footprint, probably a lot more than most. We use those cfl’s instead of regular light bulbs, and try to use as little electricity as possibly by turning off any unused lights, TV’s appliances and fans, we keep our house warmer in the summer than some of our friends can tolerate, I make all my own cleaning supplies, I will be starting to line dry our clothes as soon as Ron can rig up a line for me, we raise our own chickens for eggs, we cloth diaper, breastfeed, avoid the impulse to buy buy buy, avoid plastic anything when possible, avoid buying bottled water, we have only one car and it is a Prius, we white trash up our house by blocking out the summer sun by covering the windows, we let it mellow if it’s yellow, we buy and sell used clothing, we buy used and sell nearly everything we can, we are currently trying to downsize our “stuff”, we have a garden, we compost, we stopped competing with the Jones’s long ago and we rarely eat out. I should feel no guilt about eating meat but I do. So much to Ron’s dismay he is going to start seeing more meatless meals. Besides the whole greenhouse gasses thing it will be better for us too. Maybe we can even shed a few pounds, lower our cholesterol and our risk for heart disease and cancer. So that said, does anyone have any great meatless recipes they would like to share??


One thought on “Vegetarianism Too??

  1. You go, girl!It’s time for you to get a pressure cooker! Come on over and let’s have a cooking day. Or week. 😉 Beans in minutes. Stews in minutes. And I guess you don’t want to hear about how quickly it can cook meats…. for PC basics.And Lorna Sass’s Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure is a great cookbook. Perhaps you can find it, or other great cookbooks, in the library to check it out. I miss you! I wish I were closer to you guys on this journey….


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