We grew 4 small pumpkins this year. This morning I quartered and cleaned one. I drizzled it with olive oil and salt and pepper. I roasted it for 30 minutes at 400. Then sprinkled brown sugar on it and put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes. It is really pretty good. I was thinking about making a pie with some too. But that is going to require some time. Until then does anyone have any other ideas for pumpkin?


2 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. Hope you got to make a pie, at Karinas kitchen she has a super easy recipe for a vegan pumpkin pie. We grow a couple and I cooked,pureed and froze them. used pumpkin in everything!


  2. Thanks Allison,I will check out Karinas recipe. I did one too and it was totally awesome. Actually I did it several times but I never got around to posting it. But beyond Pumkpkin Pie I am still at a loss as to what to do with it. Maybe next year I will try some breads, muffins or cookies with it.


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