Milk is Evil

I have been thinking in the last year that milk is evil and that it is really no good for anyone. I know that sounds really crazy to many people but it does make sense. Humans are the only mammals to consume the milk of another animal. When you think about it that way it sounds kind of gross doesn’t it? I am not saying I don’t like it myself, I do. I like it in all forms and it has been really difficult for me to avoid it entirely while I have been breastfeeding but I do, usually. Actually, it is really hard to avoid. It is in EVERYTHING. It is way easier to avoid gluten than it is to avoid dairy. (Try both simultaneously!) I grew up thinking that milk was necessary in your diet to get enough calcium. Turns out that isn’t the case. I was allergic to dairy as a baby, my mom tells me and I was slow to gain weight. When switched to soy formula I gained weight quickly. But after that for who knows why my doctor told my mom to go back to cows milk formula. Anyway, as an adult I thought I was not allergic anymore. Then I had to cut it out of my diet 100% while nursing Rori. Then when she weened I started eating it again. That was when I noticed issues with it. Terrible stomach pains when I had it. Did that deter me? No. Of course not. The pain eventually went away. Now in hindsight I know that Sage was sensitive to it too. What I didn’t know back then was that in order to see if your breastfed baby is sensitive to it you need to eliminate it from your diet 100% for about 2 weeks. It can stay in your breast milk and in your body for that long. Now nursing Justus I figured it out right from the very start. In my personal opinion colic = milk sensitivity. Since then I have read about many different symptoms of milk sensitivity that range from the expected “big D” (diarrhea) to anxiety, cough, depression and insomnia. Since all 5 of us in this house have some kind of issue with dairy it has led me to believe that dairy is evil. Then I came upon a documentary called “White Mischief”. Now I feel vindicated. If you have some time (45 minutes) please check this out. It is well worth your time.


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