I have been laying here trying to sleep. I can’t. I can’t stop thinking about something that happened today. Maybe if I write it, it will go away.

Today we decided to go see a movie or I should say movies. Ron took the girls to “Madagascar” and I went to see “Changeling” with Justus. We always go to the same theatre because it is always like a ghost town. I honestly don’t know how it stays in business. We like that because we always have the kids with us and many times we are the only ones in the theatre or almost. Today was different. We didn’t realize it was a holiday so there was a huge line up with tons of kids to go see “Madagascar”. The theatre I was in had maybe 10-12 other people in it. Now I consider myself a polite and considerate person. In the past 4 years since having kids I have left numerous movies because of fidgeting kids or kids that won’t stay quiet. Not only do I leave but I do it pretty quickly. I remember the days before having kids and remember how annoying it was to hear a kid crying in the back. So today I half expected that I may not get to see the whole movie. But Justus was so good. We sat in the last row on the side, right by the door for a quick exit if need be. I nursed him for the first bit of the movie and he kind of napped. Then he woke up and was just quiet in my lap. Every now and then he would let out a quiet coo but that was about it. I had just been sitting there thinking how much I was enjoying myself (since I never do this) and how well Justus was doing. He really is a great baby. Moments later some old crotchety jackass with bionic hearing got his diaper in a wad when he must have heard Justus fart or something. He gets out of his seat maybe 3 or 4 rows up and comes over to me.

Jackass With Bionic Hearing: “Would you mind if we enjoyed our movie?” (Dripping in sarcasm)

Me: “No, not at all.” I wasn’t trying to be flippant at this point. I was just stunned.

Jackass With Bionic Hearing just stands there all indignant staring daggers at me.

Me: “Are you joking?”

Jackass With Bionic Hearing: “No. I am not.” And he walks back to his seat while continuing to glance back at me and glare.

I could not believe it. I sat there stunned for a bit. Seriously, a baby’s very quiet, happy coo was interfering with his enjoyment??? This is so North Scottsdale. I shouldn’t have been surprised I guess. I slowly packed up and left. I left because I felt like I had no choice. Had I not left I have no doubt that he would have created a scene. At that point I didn’t care about his enjoyment or lack of but I was concerned about bothering someone else and honestly after that I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the movie anyway.

What is the matter with some people? How miserable must his life be that he can’t enjoy a great movie because of a baby’s occasional quiet coo. And honestly I do mean quiet. If I had thought for a second that he was bothering anyone I would have left immediately. Why have people become so intolerant? There just seems to be so much hatred, anger, self righteousness and general irritation here. I suspect it is because of all the money here. Have I mentioned lately how much I don’t want to raise my kids here?

Thoughts? Comments????

And no, I don’t think I do feel better.


5 thoughts on “Intolerance

  1. Yes, move to Canada! Especially St Albert where it is all families with small kids who understand what it’s like. I’m so sorry that happened to you, I actually got choked up because it is so unfair! Mom’s with small kids have such a difficult job, we deserve the occasional enjoyment like a good movie!


  2. He probably saw you with Justus and was just waiting for him to cry or make noise. But when he didn’t cry and instead was making quiet cooing noises, it probably pissed him off, so he felt he had to bitch about something. jackass.


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