Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Parent

Does the learning curve in parenting ever flatten out? Even a little? I think I am going to make this a frequent type of post.

Number one most important rule in parenting: Never, ever, under any circumstances take your eyes off a 2 year old. I repeat, NEVER. It only takes them about 2 seconds to get into something they shouldn’t. And if for what ever reason you have not followed rule number one in parenting AND said 2 year old is quiet… Well, you are in deep trouble.

This is the result of me loosing track of Rori for a few seconds. Lipstick. And by the way lipstick doesn’t come off walls very well. This is something else I have learned as a parent. While I was guilty of not keeping a close eye on her for a few seconds, Ron made the worse mistake of not watching her for a few minutes. I was out of the house with Justus and Ron had the girls at home. They were all outside in the garage on a colder day while Ron was working on something. Rori got cold so she went inside the house – alone. After about 5 min (or so he says) he asks Sage to go see what Rori is doing inside. Sage goes inside and comes out and says “Dad, you have to come inside. This is serious.” It was. She was up on the bathroom counter, sink plugged, water running on full. I am told there was a 1/2 an inch of water on the floor and it was running out into the hallway. The drop down drawer was full of water as was the cupboard under the sink. When we built this house and chose the sinks we didn’t have nor want kids so we chose the more aesthetically pleasing sink that did not have an overflow hole. Turns out that was another bad decision on our part. When I got home and heard the story I of course asked if he thought to take a picture first before cleaning it up. Apparently though he didn’t think it was as amusing as I did.


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