Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Boy, they sure do learn to lie at an early age don’t they. This afternoon Justus was in his walker minding his own business while the girls were playing dress up in my shoes. All was well until Ron and I heard Justus let out a scream. You know that scream that says “I’m really hurt!” Ron goes running over there and Rori is standing beside Justus with a pair of my shoes, with heels, in each hand. We ask her “why is Justus crying.” She responds “I don’t know.” We ask “did you hit him?” She says “No.” We ask “did you hurt him.” Straight faced she says “no.” We ask “did the shoe hit him.” (We were hoping she would take the bait and admit that it was the shoe that hit him, not her.) Again she says “no.” A few minutes later when Justus had calmed down, Rori’s lie became apparent, literally. The shoe had left a heel print in his forehead.


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