Beans Beans the Musical Fruit….

Every time I think about making beans I can hear my dad saying that little rhyme. You know the one right? Anyway, in an effort to try to eat a healthy GF diet AND not go broke we are trying to incorporate more beans into the rotation. We always have them on hand and while I have always liked beans I have trouble coming up with different and satisfying ways to make them. This morning I came across this site. It is awesome. I have never seen so many bean recipes. At the top of the page you can choose the type of bean you are interested in making and then your choices are narrowed a bit. There are so many recipes here, like 4521 of them, that it will be hard to choose. If it is good I will pass on what I made. And once again, I am grateful for my pressure cooker!


2 thoughts on “Beans Beans the Musical Fruit….

  1. So, did you end up trying one of my bean recipes? I know, I've got like… three… or something like that — pales next to 4000+. 🙂 Just wondering if you had, though.


  2. Actually your recipes is where I went to first. I want to try the bean and corn one but there were a couple things that I don't have in the house. Also I was looking for a main dish. Do you think that one would make a good main dish? I did buy everything I need to make the cuban pork and beans and one other one (the name escapes me right now) so I will do that later this week or the beginning of next. I'll let you know how it goes.


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