Cookie Failure

Today I was craving a cookie. I don’t normally have a sweet tooth but because I am trying to watch my carbs I was craving sugar. You know how that goes. I started out with a recipe and was actually going to follow the recipe, which I seldom do. But I barely got started and just knew it had to be wrong. Way to dry. Seriously dry. Like the flours wouldn’t even mix in. So the changes began. I ended up with a chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. It was the usual: gluten free, dairy free and it sugar free (sweetened with agave). I hear so often from friends and family, “your such a good cook” etc. But really it is just about lots of practice and many failures. Today is a great example. FAILURE. These cookies were so bad. I gave one to Sage and she popped a bite into her mouth and started to chew. She then stopped chewing and just stared at me. It was written all over her face. “These are disgusting.” I bust out laughing. I delayed chucking them in the garbage so that Ron could sample. At first he said they were okay. Then he took another bite and he says, “dry wall compound would go down better than these.” Oh well, you win some you lose some.


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