I’m Famous For My Bread, AGAIN!

Okay, that may be overstating the case a tad.  I wrote a while ago about how a friend of mine, Stephanie, entered my bread recipe in a gluten free baking contest.  She has CD as does 2 of her 3 kids.  Her only sibling and her father also have it.  Stephanie’s  sister, Kristen, is a dietician.  She was on TV this morning on a local morning news program in Nebraska.  She spoke about CD, symptoms, diagnosis, testing and it’s impact if it goes undiagnosed.  I thought she did an amazing job.  It’s hard to do those kind of interviews and say everything you would like to get said.  I think she did a great job at explaining it and why it is important to get tested.  Here are the links to the clips.  Right at the very beginning she talks about my bread recipe and how it came to be.  In the second clip she shares the bread she made and brought with her to the set.  It of course got great reviews from the hosts.  (The program also left a link to the recipe.  Unfortunately, they called it gluten free whole wheat bread instead of whole grain bread.  I am sure they will fix that since there is no such thing as gluten free wheat.)  There was also a link to my blog at the end.  Pretty cool, hey?!  As I have said before. I am not trying to make money from my blog or my recipe.  I just think it is a great thing to be able to share something with people who need it.  Mostly though, I am incredibly happy to see that Celiac Disease is getting more and more press.  One in 100-133 people have CD.  97% of those people don’t know they have it.  Only 1 in 6 people with CD have symptoms even though their small intestine is being destroyed.  If you have a blood relative with CD there is a 1 in 22 chance you have it.  (I think that statistic is WAY off.  I would bet the number is closer to 1 in 2)  If you have any auto immune disease, such as CD, you are more likely to have another, especially if you continue to eat gluten.  Many doctors still think that it is a rare childhood disorder.  Getting screened is as easy as one little poke!  CD often goes hand in hand with ASD (autism spectrum disorders), Type I Diabetes, IBS, depression to name a few. 

Thanks again to Stephanie and Kristen (and their mom for starting this whole TV thing) for doing such a great job of bringing awareness to CD and to my bread recipe.   You guys are awesome!

 Once again here is the original recipe.   And here is the simplified version.


14 thoughts on “I’m Famous For My Bread, AGAIN!

  1. I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more! I was online looking for a new gluten free bread recipe when I ran across yours. I am going to play around with your recipe and make a sprouted bread. I used to make my own sprouted bread a lot but I need something a little less complicated. I’ll let ya know how it turns out 🙂


    • I would LOVE to hear if you make this as a sprouted bread. I have no idea how to do that. Learning how is on my very long list of “to do’s”. I really like this bread as is so I haven’t messed with it much lately. That said, I have to admit that I am not eating it anymore. I have been making an effort to go grain free and I am bothered with the 1 cup of starch in it as well. Everyone else in my house loves it so I siill make it regularly for them. I would feel better about eatiing it if it were at least sprouted. I also made an exception with the no grain thing last night. I made injera. (It’s fermented teff flat bread) It was soooo good. I really don’t know why teff isn’t more popular. It is my favorite gluten free grain. I’ve got to get around to posting about that one.

      Thanks for dropping by and please do let me know how you tweak it and how it turns out!


      • I’m supposed to do grain free as well but I’m REALLY hoping that I can handle sprouted grains. We’ll see. The buckwheat pancakes that I blogged about are not working out so well with my tummy!Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


  2. I am soooooooo trying this recipe today. I tried a rather easy recipe found on a kinda wide-known website, and wow….. tasted worse than a store-bought loaf of bread. I never thought it’d be possible, but well, it proved to be possible. I couldn’t “make” my son eat it, so after I and my husband spat initial bite out, the remaining loaf was tossed… unfortunately. 😦


    • Oh NO! That’s terrible when that happens. You are killing me though. You have to tell me what recipe it was. No worries, no one reads this blog anyway let alone the comments. Hehehe. I can delete the comment too so it can’t get back to the author of the icky recipe. When you try my recipe let it rise as long as it takes to get the lift you need. My niece in Canada made this last week and because of the cool, er COLD weather she had to let it rise for an hour and forty minutes. It is cooler here in AZ now and since I am doing this in the oven, it is rising on my kitchen counter. I let it rise for and hour and fifteen minutes. If you lightly oil the top of the loaf after putting it in the pan and smoothing it out the oil makes a nice crust and stops it from splitting open during rising.
      Please let me know how it goes! Good luck!


      • OH.MY.GAW~D! It tastes FANTASTIC!!!! I baked it in an old fashioned way in a good ole oven. I just pulled it out of oven, and this aroma of fresh bread all over the house~ HMM HMM HMMMMMMMMM~!! I spent whole morning to clean the house, so it is great to add this homey yet delicious bread aroma. Taste? I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IIIIIII~T!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!!! I am about to go pick up my son and I cannot wait until my husband comes home to this delicious smell of the bread AND the bread itself!! I am a total newbie to this baking and all, and it was so easy even for me to follow direction!


  3. My husband liked it. My 7-yo didn’t say a lot but held two thumbs up while chomping on a jelly sandwich I made with the new bread. This morning my son had 2 slices of toast with the bread I baked. This is huge because my son does not like changes and doesn’t do well with changes to his foods. Well, autism…
    I was soooooooo happy! Thanks again for this recipe. I am baking 2nd loaf today. 1st one is all gone already!


    • this is our “go to” bread. I have been making for a year and half now and it should win all the awards possible. =0)

      Adrian, I get 8 separate gallon sized bags and then I fill the dry ingredients (not the yeast) in these bags. Then I have bread mixes ready to go and only have to measure them out at that one time. This saves a ton of time and makes making the bread even easier. So glad that your family loves it. Thanks again Kim!!! Kelly


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