I Need Your Help!!

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday.  I am having a great day.  I worked for part of the day and then when I came home early everyone was out.  It is such a rare thing to have the house and some time to myself.  As icing on the cake the weather is unseasonably cool.  It is only in the low 80’s which is pretty unusual here Arizona in late May.  So I took advantage of these two rare events and I went for a long walk in the desert.  It was beautiful.

A little bit of news here at gfrealfood.  I started a Facebook page.  I did this to save my friends and family the agony of hearing unsolicited rants and random facts about food and nutrition.  However, in order to save their sanity I am going to need your help.  I need people to chat with about this stuff.  People who want to chat about this stuff.  I am on Facebook pretty regularly and as much as I try not to talk about food and nutrition, occasionally, okay who am I kidding, frequently, I will post a fun fact or link to an article that I found interesting.  It largely falls on deaf ears.  Once I posted that clip on Youtube from the Dr. Oz show which featured Gary Taubes.  I loved the clip.  I loved how Dr. Oz was getting so annoyed at the idea of a high fat diet.  He really looked like he might explode.  Anyway, one friend of mine made a comment that made it clear that she thought I was posting it because I thought that it was all a big joke.  ‘Who on earth would be stupid enough to eat a diet high in saturated fat’ sort of comment.  When I responded that I was indeed serious and that I thought that was a very healthy way to eat.  I got a “um, okay” type response.  I am not going to try to convince anyone who isn’t at least interested in hearing a different point of view. So, back to you and how it is that I need your help.  I would love it if you went to my Facebook page and clicked “Like”.  In case you are new to “liking a page” this is what will happen.  That will make comments, links, pictures, video, blog posts, etc that I post show up on your news feed.  But even better than that, it can be a forum to chat, not just with me but with others who likely have similar interests.  You would be able to post on the wall; comments, pics, links etc.  Yes, I know that is what Twitter can be for.  But I have to admit that even though I have a Twitter account, I don’t use it much.  (And I don’t even know anyone in real life who uses it much) It feels  to me like most people are just trying to sell something even if it is just their blog post.  I think it would be fun to have a small group of people who exchange information,thoughts, food porn etc.  Twitter feels too huge to me.  My blog is small so I expect the numbers on my Facebook page will be small too but that feels more intimate.  Besides, I have never been good in crowds.  🙂

Anyway, please save my friends and family and come chat with me.  Here is the link to my page.  Or you can click that little Facebook box in the upper right over there.  That will take you there too.  I hope to see you all there!


5 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!!

  1. I’m always rather conflicted about the whole blog vs. Facebook thing. It’s hard to get people to comment on blogs, much less chat! And yet the FB stuff never appears on the blog…conflicted I tell you!


  2. I hear you. I’ve thought about writting posts that have links, thoughts etc but I often don’t have the time to write it all out. Facebook is nice in that I can jot down a thought in a second. Besides, I’ve kept this blog as mostly a recipe storage space. Hmmm, I wonder if I should start a page on my blog with links I have enjoyed? The problem with that is that it is an updated page so unless you are looking for it subscribers wouldn’t see it.
    Anyway, thanks for chatting and for your input.


      • Ya, I’d feel the same way. I do have a question about plug ins if you can answer it. My understanding is that all the cool plugins are for blogs that have paid hosts and have the ability to advertise and move things around anyway they like. And for plain jane blogs like mine with plain old wordpress.com vs wordpress.org there are widgets. As I’ve said before computer stuff is NOT my thing. Am I way out on left field with this?


  3. I’m not entirely sure, but I think overall, yes, if you’re hosted on a WordPress.com blog, you’re limited to their templates/themes and widgets. Plug-ins are for people who are *using* the WordPress “program” or “package” and can put the whole package on their site.

    This makes things more manageable for the WP.com team — if they let everyone use any theme or any plug-in on their servers, their lives would be customer service hell as people managed to screw things up. This is why it can be free. 🙂

    If you ever want to move your site to a hosting service, let me know if you want help. It doesn’t take very long to set up WP on most hosting servers; my own personal favorite (and my hosting service) is Siteground.com. I can generally have a WP site up and running in an hour or less on Siteground. (You’d have to point your domain name to Siteground’s servers rather than WP.com, which their tutorials can help you with.)


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