My Morning 8 Ball – Squash “Pancakes”

Paleo Pancakes

Paleo Pancakes

Several weeks ago I signed up for my first CSA (community supported agriculture). A CSA is a wonderful thing. (If you are in the Phoenix area, this is the one I use.) I have been so impressed with everything about this. Once a week I pick up a large paper bag filled with 8 different things. It is mostly veggies and occasionally some fruit. Everything is organic, local and SUPER fresh. Another reason I am loving this is that I am receiving things that I normally wouldn’t buy or even think to try. One week there were dandelion greens in the bag. I had never tried them before and for that matter have never seen them for sale anywhere either. We tried them and liked them. It’s been fun for me to figure out what to do with the variety of foods I receive each week. Last week I received a squash I had never seen of, nor heard of, before. It’s called an eight ball squash. The first time I made them I stuffed them with a meat/veggie mix and covered them with a vegan “cheese” sauce. It was pretty good but not blog worthy. I got more of those squash this week. On a whim I came up with this. It was so incredibly good! My very picky four-year old said, “they don’t look very good but they are YUMMY!” I was honestly stunned. She ate 3 of them! They are simple, low carb and very satisfying. I fried these in lots of bacon fat which added a lot of flavor to a relatively bland veggie. You save your bacon fat, right? That stuff is like gold! Since most people probably don’t have eight ball squash lying around you could use yellow squash, grey mexican or zucchini too. They taste very similar. I served them with a Vietnamese style dipping sauce. These savory pancakes are low carb, GAPS legal, grain, soy, dairy, corn, and gluten free.

See mom, here is another grain free breakfast!

Eightball Squash Savory Pancakes

2 eight ball squash (navel orange size)

6 eggs

1 tsp celtic sea salt (to taste – I like salt so beware)

freshly ground black pepper

1 T coarsely chopped fresh basil

bacon fat or fat of choice

Vietnamese Style Dipping Sauce

1/4 cup preservative free fish sauce

juice of 1 lemon

2 T water

freshly ground black pepper

Slice squash in half and scoop out the seeds. Then with a veggie peeler, peel the skin off. Cut in large chunks and place in food processor. Pulse briefly to a coarse chop, then add eggs, salt, pepper and basil to bowl and process again until well combined. In a preheated cast iron pan add 2-3 T bacon fat. Then scoop egg /squash mixture out in 2-3 T heaps. Fry on med – med/low until eggs are set and the bottoms are browned. Carefully flip. They are quite tender so you really need a lot of fat in the pan so they don’t break apart due to sticking. Cook the second side until browned. Remove from pan to a plate lined with paper towel to soak up any extra drippings.

While you are frying the rest of the pancakes mix all ingredients for the sauce in a bowl.

Serve together while pancakes are still hot.

This recipe has been shared at Monday Mania 6/6/11 @ The Healthy Home Economist.


14 thoughts on “My Morning 8 Ball – Squash “Pancakes”

  1. Wow, this does sound good. Never heard of that type of squash before; and you know how difficult it is to get yellow squash here. I will try it with zucchini. If Rori loves it, it must be good.


  2. Hmm, this sounds really good. Zucchini season is almost upon us here in Lancaster, PA… and I’m always looking for grain-free recipes. Love fish sauce. Thanks!


  3. Kim, I have been following a blog of a woman who lives in the Bay area and she is always taking about her CSA bag! I thought is stood for something with “California” in it *lol*. Obviously clueless here! I wonder if Albuquerque has something like this… if not, I would think Corrales does. I will have to check into this! It is such a great idea! Oh, the blog I have been following is Many of her recipes are Gluten-free, not really by design but by coincidence. Not sure about the diary-free though. I am sure you could easily adapt a majority of her recipes to meet your specifications! I just made her Stuffed Peppers and they were awesome! Hope this gives you some “food for thought” =). ~Heather~


    • Yes, Albuquerque does have CSA’s. Check out this site. Looks like you have a few options.
      Thx for the tip on that blog I will check it out. I am in need of some inspiration (and a few more hours in the day). I eat totally paleo right now which is grain, dairy and sugar free as well as nothing processed. So I’m finding myself on another learning curve. It’s been worth it tho. I am back down to the weight I was before I got pregnant with Sage AND more importanatly, I feel better than I have in years! All the little weird symptoms that kept cropping up are gone. Even my headaches that i have had since I was 13 are a rare event and only need aspirin. Now are you ready for the biggest shocker? You know how I have always said that I am allergic to exercise? I joined a gym because I actually have energy again. I actually like going.
      Oh must stop. There will be no soap box on this subject and this blog will never be a place to talk about excercise. Anyway, thanks for the link I will go check it out now. Speaking of CSA’s I have so many veggies in my fridge that I have got to get creative.
      And you subscribed? Wow! Are you getting into cooking even more now?


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  5. I live north of Phoenix, AZ. Wondering which CSA do you use? (I couldn’t find the link.) Wonder if there’s one near Anthem? Thank you for posting all the wonderful Paleo recipes!


    • I was using Love Grows Farms at the time. I was having issues with the weekly pickup time fitting into my schedule so I don’t use it anymore but I do highly recommend them. They had great quality and a wonderful variety. I know that they have several drop offs but can’t remember if they went to Anthem. Their farm is in Mesa.



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