Stillwater Bar and Grill at Pebble Beach Resort, California 

Over the last few years I have been cooking less but I’ve had the opportunity to have some amazing meals out at incredible restaurants. I still eat completely gluten free and largely grain free. I thought I’d share with you some of the photos I’ve taken in my travels. My most recent trip to Carmel California had too many stunning dishes with unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean to list them all but here are some. 


During a recent weekend getaway to Carmel we stopped for lunch at Stillwater Bar and Grill. 

It was an amazing lunch. This was our view. 

I had abalone for the first time. It did not disappoint. I had to be schooled in what abalone was. It is a shell fish that has to be harvested by hand and done as a free dive. Scuba gear is not allowed. Limits are set as to how many can be harvested at once. It was so so good. It came with a pasta dish that I subbed for their veggie of the day which was a corn and mushroom dish. I’m not usually a huge fan of corn but this was awesome.



The dessert was one of the most memorable I’ve ever had. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so it’s not hard for me to walk away from dessert. Besides that I’m sick of the four options I’m usually limited to: creme brûlée, sorbet, gelato or fruit. So when I saw this dessert, “Flourless Chocolate Olive Oil Cake with Creme Fraise Gelato, hazelnuts and fresh berries” I just couldn’t leave without trying. It was so worth the extra carbs and calories. I ate nearly the entire thing by myself. It was absolutely stunning. I imagine this will be the dessert that I compare all others to.   


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