Why Coconut Oil?

The Effects of Coconut Oil on Serum Cholesterol Levels

The Truth About Saturated Fats

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Research Center Links

Weight Loss and Coconut Oil

Saturated Fats Can Make You Healthy


14 thoughts on “Why Coconut Oil?

    • Really? Wow. Storing it in the fridge isn’t an option for me as I buy it in 5 gallon pails. I’ve never had it go rancid. I’d be devastated if it did though. Where do you get yours from?

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  1. I just finished your GF bread recipe and just couldn’t wait for it too cool down so I tasted a slice…just delicious! texture and taste… I’m not celiac but my mom has been for at least 30 years. I saw and tasted some of her food through out the years and let me tell you, GF food has changed in many ways 🙂
    I, occasionally will go on a gluten-free diet and I was never happy with the texture and taste of my mom’s bread. I did come across UDI’s bread and bought some for my mom , who didn’t want to believe it was GF bread. My mom is 72 years old and in her mind, she would rather make her own than pay those ridiculous price of UDI’s GF bread. that’s how I came across your site….looking for a better recipe.
    My mom will be home in an hour and I will be greeting her with a half loaf of your bread…maybe I’ll be lucky and she will open up a jar of homemade strawberry jam and share my bread..lol (can’t wait)
    thanks Kim!


  2. Also Kim would everything taste like coconut? Im very very new to all of this and its all very overwhelming! Love your website though its awesome and helping me out tons.


    • It depends on which type you buy. If you get a virgin one it will taste like coconut. If you buy expeller pressed it has no flavor at all. I buy that stuff by the five gallon bucket. I use it in everything but salads.

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  3. Oh, my, I wish I could eat coconut oil. Coconut anything gives me a terrible stomach ache and a giant bloated belly. Such a bummer because I love coconut 😦 I am so going to try your bread recipe but with olive oil instead. Can’t wait!


  4. HI Kim,
    I bought a bread making machine from the thrift shop and want to make the simplified version of your award winning bread. The pictures look great, and I’m excited to try it, but I am trying to cut oil of every kind out of my diet. I have read that apple sauce is a common substitution for oil in baking, but it also is said to over-activate the yeast. I wonder if I could use 1/2 the yeast, and use apple sauce instead of oil. Do you think this would work? If so, how much apple sauce would you use? I am on such a strict diet right now, and it’s hard to find food that tastes good, is easy to make, and doesn’t cost a bundle. This recipe looks perfect except for the oil. I was wondering, too, do you know of a less expensive gf flour? Thanks!


    • I consistently add more saturated fat like coconut oil to my diet while trying to decrease my carbohydrates (like apple sauce). So subbing coconut oil for apple sauce is something I’ve never done. I think the coconut oil adds needed moisture to the bread and I suspect that the apple sauce will cause the bread to be dry after it cools and for sure the next day. I know you didn’t come here looking for dietary advice but saturated fat it incredibly important. If you are concerned about cholesterol levels I’d encourage you to do some more research. There have been several large studies in the press recently about this. Most recently was in Time magazine which ironically was the media outlet that started the whole anti fat crusade in the ’60’s. Have a look around http://chriskresser.com Lots of great study based information there. I’m making the assumption here that your concern is cholesterol levels and not a fat metabolism issue. I’m sorry if I’m overstepping my bounds here but I’d hate for you or anyone to have to eliminate all fat in your diet which is hard to do and nothing tastes good all to end up with the exact opposite result. If this is a different issue and you do try this recipe with apple sauce please let me know how it turns out. I can’t really offer you advice on it tho as I would be completely guessing. As far as gluten free flours go, have you tried shopping at an Asian grocery store? If you do not have celiac disease and you do not require a gluten free certification on your flours you can find several different gf flours there often at half the price. Where are you located?

      Kim, RN

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